Freitag, 8. Mai 2015

Centrifugal Phorce: CPR-KMP-001 ft. Cryptic One

"After making a little noise in the NY underground with his crews Elite Bomb Squad and Centa Of Da Web in the 90's and spitting one of the hottest verses on Can Ox's "The Cold Vein" album, Atoms Family founder Cryptic One was ready to drop his solo debut "The Anti-Mobius Strip Theory" in 2004. 

While the album achieved critical acclaim, the CD-only release went under the radar, thanks to poor distribution. In early 2015, Cryptic One eventually put his plans into action and pressed 200 copies of his debut longplayer on lovely black double vinyl as well as 100 copies on translucent yellow vinyl, housed with a bi-fold lyrics sheet in a sticker sleeve, available @

The Anti-Mobius Strip Theory features beats by Cryp, Blockhead, Blueprint, and Jestoneart, plus additional verses by Aesop Rock and Atoms Fam members Windnbreeze and Alaska aka Hanger 18." [by Christian]

A1: Intro
A2: Anti-Mobius Strip Theory
A3: Pulp Non-Fiction Remix
A4: UniCycle (Water Cycle)
A5: Half-Life
B1: Tempt Fate ft. Alaska, Windnbreeze
B2: Intricate Schemes
B3: BiCycle (Gold Cycle)
B4: Uncomfortable Silence

C1: Apocalypse Zone ft. Aesop Rock
C2: Death Of Regret
C3: TriCycle (Lawn Cycle)
C4: Time Piece / Peace Of Time
D1: Rebirth Of Regret
D2: Willow
D3: Life After

This 2LP is limited to 200 copies pressed on black vinyl, 100 copies on yellow vinyl - packed in a stickered generic sleeve with lyric sheet. 

My special thanks goes to Cryptic One, Christian, Pallas and Centrifugal Phorce. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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