Dienstag, 30. Dezember 2014

Stereoboom: SBR-008 ft. GIT

"Basement Ghost" is the title of GIT's full length album an it finally gets dropped via Stereoboom. After the 7" teaser Git Craft from 2013 and the collabo LP with Hubbs early this year its time to enjoy the whole 16 tracks of the long awaited album.

The poison yellow vinyl edition is limited to 100 copies - 50 available via Stereoboom and further 50 available via Git himself.

In case you missed out on the amazing 7" there are less then 50 copies left via bandcamp (link below).

A: Git Craft ft. Hubbs
A: Magic SpaceShip ft. B.White, Sean Price, Beady
A: OK Corral ft. Pablo Neruda
A: 911 ft. Black Sun
A: Earth Hustle ft. Step Savage
A: Boyz In The Hood ft. B.White of The 58s
A: Apple Juice & Oxgen ft. Beedie
A: Alcohol In Me ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq, Distrakt, Gore Elohim, AZ
B: So High ft. Hubbs
B: Elders ft. Jon Quest
B: Suckas Don't Respect It ft. Ghosty of The 58s
B: Boom Bap Junkies ft. Primavera Vills
B: Still Raw ft. Beedie
B: Horrible Bosses ft. Jon Quest
B: Buck Will Do ft. Distrakt
B: Happy Ending ft. Beedie, Hobbs

Pre-Order: www.stereoboom.bigcartel.com
Download / Order: www.gitbeats.bandcamp.com

My special thanks goes to Stereoboom and Git Beats. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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