Montag, 17. November 2014

Fresh Herring: CHBURG001 ft. Burgundy Blood

Chopped Herring & Fresh Herring records proudly presents Burgundy Blood and the debut LP "Suede Comet". The album is packaged in a full colour gate fold sleeve, designed by the excellent Mishka Henner.

"Suede Comet" features guest apperances from Kool Keith, Sadat X, Meyhem Lauren & X-Ray aka King Cesar.

Produced by Kill Money

In August 2013 Chopped Herring presented the first Burgundy Blood release and in case you missed out check here.

A1: Jane Fonda
A2: Splash Gordons ft. Meyhem Lauren
A3: Bury Fools
B1: Image Of A Don ft. Kool Keith
B2: Jewmaicans
B3: Phil Coffins
B4: One Word Answer ft. X-Ray (King Cesar)
C1: Out The Box ft. Konny Kon & Chalk
C2: Media City
C3: Elephants Breath ft. Sadat X
D1: Triumph
D2: Vanderbilt
D3: Suede Comet ft. X-Ray (King Cesar)

Instrumental EP (FHINST01):
A1: Jane Fonda (Instrumental)
A2: Splash Gordons (Instrumental)
A3: Bury Fools (Instrumental)
A4: Image Of A Don (Instrumental)
B1: Jewmaicans (Instrumental)
B2: Phil Coffins (Instrumental)
B3: Out The Box (Instrumental)
B4. Triumph (Instrumental)

Bonus EP (FHBONU501):
A1: Jay Glaze & Rod Hotley - Out To Lunch
A2: Burgundy Blood - Bacon
A3: Burgundy Blood - Hello (Instrumental)
B1: Burgundy Blood - I Got A Question For Ya
B2: Burgundy Blood - Image Of A Don ft. Keith Keith (Acapella)
B3: Burgundy Blood - Splash Gordons ft. Meyhem Lauren (Acapella)


The bundle deal is limited to 175 copies with the first 75 copies on clear, red, purple mixed coloured vinyl, 150 coloured instrumental versions and 75 clearredpurple bonus EPs. 
The 2LP is limited to 500 copies including the bundle deal copies plus additional 150 copies on burgundy vinyl and 275 copies on black wax.
The instrumental version is limited to 350 copies including the bundle deal copies plus additional 75 burgundy copies and 200 copies on black wax.

My special thanks goes to Fresh Herring, Burgundy Blood, X-Ray and all artists involved. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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