Sonntag, 9. November 2014

Dusty Platter: DP006 ft. Jazz Spastiks

Following on from 'The Product' LP Dusty Platters continues the collaboration with Jazz Spastiks and proudly presents 'The Product Remixes".

The Remix LP features 6 tracks including their vocal and instrumental versions. The guest appearances on each individual track remain the same as on the the original version.

The record gets released with sticker cover really soon.

A1: Power Of The Tongue Remix ft. Sach
A2: Dumb! Remix ft. Yesh
A3: Move Remix ft. Apani B Fly
A4: Delicious Remix ft. Count Bass D
A5: Frequency Remix ft. Moka Only
A6: Parley To Parlet Remix ft. Ladybug Mecca

B1: Power Of The Tongue Remix Instrumental
B2: Dumb! Remix Instrumental
B3: Move Remix Instrumental
B4: Delicious Remix Instrumental
B5: Frequency Remix Instrumental
B6: Parley To Parlet Remix Instrumental

The Product Remix LP is limited to 500 copies only - 300 copies pressed on black vinyl, 200 pressed on transparent blue vinyl.

My special thanks goes to Dusty Platter and Jazz Spastiks. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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