Dienstag, 23. September 2014

Vinyl-Digital: VinDig071 ft. Looptroop

Looptroop was founded in Sweden in 1992 and consists of DJ/Producer Embee and the three lyricists Promoe Cos.M.I.C. and Supreme.

In 1996 the crew released their vinyl debut "From The Wax Cabinet" on red coloured vinyl - nowadays a high in demand release that easily exceeds the 200 € mark. 

This is not a financial problem anymore because Vinyl-Digital and David Vs. Goliath release the Extended Edition of "From The Wax Cabinet" in Oct./Nov. 2014. 

Additional to the 9 original tracks () from the EP the extended edition contains 10 tracks released on vinyl for the very first time. The release is limited to 300 copies.

Order: www.vinyl-digital.com
Also available: www.vinyl-digital.com

A1: Intro 
A2: Clichés 
A3: Rather Be Broke 
A4: Self Biography 
A5: The Wax Cabinet ft. Deuce 
B1: Takin' It To The Extreme 
B2: Head Phone Terror
B3: Militant Vinylists 
B4: Lyrical O.D ft. Deuce

C1: Test The Best ft. Akem
C2: Ain't No Fiction
C3: Calm Down Skit
C4: Spraycan Stories 
D1: Bone The Mic
D2: No Chorus
D3: Beats...
D4: Three Sick Steez
D5: Outro 
D6: Positive Vibrations 

All tracks produced by DJ EmBee.

My special thanks goes to Vinyl-Digital and Looptroop. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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