Sonntag, 10. August 2014

Style Warrior: SWREC001 ft. MC Alikazam

MC Alikazam is part of UK combo Dookie Squad. On Style Warrior Records he just dropped a two track single on 7" vinyl.

The Dookie Squad (consists of MC Alikazam, Dook Tha Looper, Mr. Memory) released their debut vinyl release "6ft Under EP" in 1994 followed by the long awaited "Deep Rising EP" in 2006.

The solo tracks of MC Alikazam remained unreleased until Style Warriors Records picked them up and put them on a proper vinyl release with dope designed and full color picture cover.

The 7" is limited to 250 copies.

A: You Bite, You Never Write
B: Calmer Side Of Psycho


My special thanks goes out to MC Alikazam and Style Warriors Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

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