Sonntag, 6. Juli 2014

Ma Dukes Yancey: ft. J-Dilla

Honestly I was hesitating to post this type of release on Stitch By Stitch blogspot simply because I don't think it's really made for the hip-hop fans and that the price for such box is not affordable for most people.

Since J-Dilla passed away in 2006 a lot of so called "archive" releases have been released and in many cases I personally didn't find the quality that made J-Dilla to one of the best hip-hop producers of all time.

Nevertheless and for a good reason JayDee has still an enormous fan base. I don't want to form an opinion about this release to be good or bad - but it is very special and so it makes sense to make people aware of this - also if I am personally not willing to pay the price including the enormous shipping costs to Europe.


"The King of Beats" Ma Dukes Yancey Collector’s Edition is manufactured in the image and likeness of the exact SP-1200 which produced Jay Dee’s signature sound. The box casing is hand crafted from custom wood with chrome hinges.

The box set features 40 tracks from Jay Dee’s groundbreaking archives on 4 clear coloured 10" vinyl records. It also has a cassette containing 4 unreleased tracks from J-Dilla’s "LostScrolls", a booklet with interviews and unseen photos plus the limited edition 3" floppy disk containing one unreleased J Dilla production (multi-tracked and formatted specifically to upload within the actual E-Mu SP-1200 machine).

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