Samstag, 5. Juli 2014

Chopped Herring: CHJA22001 ft. DJ Jazz

Chopped Herring Records presents "The Philadelphia Files EP" featuring six tracks produced by DJ Jazz.

Jazz became famous for the underground hit "When I Blow Up" ft. Pauly Yams that got re-released on an EP a few month ago via Chopped Herring Records.

The Philadelphia Files EP contains rare and unreleased 90's material featuring Too Brown, The Roots and more.


A: Werd Of Mouph - Show Da World (Blowin Up)
A: Pauly Yams & DJ Jazz - Hustle Trap
A: Black Thought & Malik B -Time For Change ft. Pauly Yamz
B: Posse-O - Rekognize
B: Pauly Yams - Sleep If You Wanna
B: Too Brown ft. Prime Minister Dope - Eerie Ave Is The Promise Land

All tracks produced by DJ Jazz.

The record is limited to 350 copies. The first 75 come on clear, black and blue mixed coloured vinyl - the next 75 copies come on transparent blue/red vinyl - the remaining 200 are on traditional black wax. 

My special thanks goes out to B! at Chopped Herring Records and DJ Jazz. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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