Samstag, 21. Juni 2014

Slice Of Spice: SSR-043 / SSR-044 ft. Lord Finesse (+ Bonus)

The saga continues: Slice Of Spice and Underboss prepare the next release super-release featuring D.I.T.C. member Lord Finesse. Here we have the full release details and and the update on pre-order for a collectors set or a t-shirt bundle.

The SP1200 project is an instrumental release featuring three different records, t-shirt and more. The collectors edition is available on clear/black (smoke) vinyl. The TP set exclusively contains SSR-FLEX13.

SSR-043: The SP1200 Project: A Re-Awakening

A: Re-Awakening
A: Gothic Thoughts
A: Cinematic Soul
B: Electric Impression
B: Vibe Out
B: Hand It Over
C: Check Mate
C: Moog Montage
C: Get Down
D: Hear The Vibes
D: Street Theme
D: Skyline Soul

SSR-044: The SP1200 Project: DAT Signature Sound

A: Doin What I Want
A: Calid Tides 2 Siberial Pipelines
A: Ga Head
A: Smooth
A: From Me To U
B: On Da M.I.C.
B: Straight Outta Now Rule
B: Love VS Hate
B: Collaboration Of Mics

SSR-1200: The SP1200 Project: E-mu EP (picture disc)

A: Party & Bullshit Remix
A: Abstrakt Neo Synopsis
B: Jewelz
B: Suicidal Thoughts

My special thanks goes to Richard at Slice of Spice Records and Lord Finesse. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

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