Dienstag, 3. Juni 2014

16F: BW-01 ft. Bee Why

So many labels tried to convince potential copyright owners in order to release the album of famous mid 90s crew Bee Why. Beside a "CD only" release that was planned to be distributed over CDbaby (rumors say this also never happened) and the mp3 album that leaked a few years ago all efforts failed.

Consequently the only official Bee Why releases were the 4 vinyl singles "Reality", "The Boros", "Remember The Times" and "G.A.T.S." - until now:

16F Music and Bee Why present the "Misunderstood EP" and I personally have big hopes that with the help of Calvin and his label we'll finally get all available Bee Why tracks on vinyl over the next months/years!?

A: Misunderstood (Clean)
A: Misunderstood (Street)
A: Misunderstood (Instrumental)
A: Misunderstood (Acapella)
B: Reality (Demo Version)
B: Reality (Album Version)
B: Mic's I Blaze Em
B: Good Die Young

The Misunderstood EP is limited to 300 copies, the first 100 copies come on coloured vinyl.

Order: www.16fmusic.com

My special thanks goes out to Calvin Trublife Jones, 16F Music and Bee Why. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

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