Samstag, 10. Mai 2014

F5: ft. DJ Crucial

DJ Crucial returns with the 2nd volume of the "Retro Active EP" series on F5 Records. Beside DJ Crucial's SP hardware you'll hear the usual suspects like Count Bass D, Alps Cru or MF Grimm.

Limited to 500 copies the pre-order phase has already started. On F5 I couldn't find the release so far but I have a link for you from a retailer transitionally. 

A1: Alps Cru - Too Steep
A2: Count Bass D & Black Spade - Move Blocks
A3: Alps Cru - Too Steep (Instrumental)
A4: Count Bass D & Black Spade - Move Blocks (Instrumental)
B1: MF Grimm - Streets (Ruff Demo Mix)
B2: Grand Puba & Sadat-X - Top Shelf (SP 1200 Mix)
B3: Jia Davis (Feat. Gotta Be Karim) - The Suffer
B4: Deep Six - Verb Burglar (Lost 4 Track Tape Mix 1997)

Snippets: coming soon
Delivery: End July

My special thanks goes out to Crucial and F5. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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