Freitag, 18. April 2014

Stones Throw: STH-2331 ft. Peanut Butter Wolf & Charizma

"Peanut Butter Wolf curated this 4LP box set to commemorate the late MC, Charizma and the collection of works they created between 1990-1993.

The anthology includes rare, classic and unreleased tracks that makes up eight sides of vinyl, along with never before seen photos and ephemera." 

The box set is a real collectors item with dope sound, artwork and design. Get your copy directly from Stones Throw or pay big loot to re-sellers in the future.

Listen / Order:

A: M-Town
A: Move
A: Cut The Play
A: Raquel
A: Yeahhh
B: Pan Am
B: Charizma What
B: Bless You
B: Gatha Round (It’s A Demo)
B: High School Love

C: Soon To Be Large
C: Ice Cream Truck
C: Apple Juice Break
C: Devotion (’92)
C: Scratch 'n' Sniff
D: On & On | Here's A Smirk
D: Red Light Green Light
D: Jack The Mack
D: Talk About A Girl
D: The Vapors

E: Tell You Something
E: RLGL Remix
E: Take It Easy
E: Fair Weathered Friend
E: Wikki Wikki
F: Pacin' The Floor
F: Methods
F: Keep On Rockin It
F: Devotion ('93)
F: It’s Trendy

G: My World Premiere
G: Home Turf
G: Just Like A Test 
G: That's Word
G: Live in ’92 at the DNA Lounge
H: Live in ’92 on Mystic Television
H: Live in ’93 on the Wake Up Show
H: Top Notch Competitor
H: Wreckin Shoppin For 8 Tracks
H: The Countdown

My special thanks goes out to Stones Throw Records, PB Wolf and Charizma. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

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