Donnerstag, 17. April 2014

Chopped Herring: CHDOZ0001 ft. Doz Funky Baztardz

Doz Funky Baztardz are the three members DJ Taz, Melo and Class. They have their roots in Haiti, Trinidad and Florida. Located in Miami the three started recording their music in the early 90's. They pressed up 300 copies of a white label test press called "Journey To The Weedhole" around 1992/1993.

In 1994 and 1995 they released two more singles called "What's Goin On" and "Straight Outta" on Dungeoun Soul Syndicate and again both were only pressed 300 times. 

A1: What's Goin On In A Baztard'z Mind
A2: Straight Outta (Remix)
A3: Story Book Lover
B1: Slippin
B2: Get Down To My Dungeon
B3: Master Plan

Produced by Ernst Dimanche
All tracks recorded between 1993-1995

The "What's Goin On In A Baztard'z Mind is limited to 350 copies - the first 75 copies come on clear / green / red mixed coloured vinyl, the next 75 copies come on white / blue / black mixed coloured vinyl, the remaining 200 come on traditional black vinyl. 

My special thanks goes out to B! at Chopped Herring and Doz Funky Baztarz. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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