Sonntag, 16. Februar 2014

B-Line: BLN006 ft. Whirlwind D

Upon request Stitch By Stitch blogspot proudly announces the forthcoming and long awaited full length LP of Whirlwind D (from Solid 'N' Mind ). "Nomansland" contains a selection of nine brand new tracks featuring a few of his longtime companions and the sound of well known UK beat makers.

In cooperation with B-Line Recordings and another fabulous artwork design by good ol' Mr. Krum the album gets through to you in a full color gate fold cover.

The sound on this LP is multifarious - starting with the more smooth "How I Get Ill" - sharpened by the britcore track "Stronger" - balanced by the piano anthem "Think" ft. Trunk - perfected by the fast rap track "Run Fast" featuring Philadelphia's icon Phill Most Chill.

A1: How I Get Ill
A2: Heroes
A3: Gain My Perspective
A4: Run Fast ft. Phill Most Chill
A5: Stories From The Battlefield ft. Inzaine
B1: Stronger ft. Chrome & Ill Inspired
B2: Night Time
B3: Think
B4: Star Refix ft. Truck

Produced by Beattrix, Miracle, Mr. Fantastic, Spatts (of TCM), Waxer, The Assembly Worker, Specifik and Phill Wilks. Artwork by Mr. Krum.

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My special thanks goes out to Dudley aka WD, the whole B-Line Squad and every artists / producer involved. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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  1. That's good news to my ears, thanks for the info, I'll keep an eye out..


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