Donnerstag, 24. April 2014

B-Line: BLN007 ft. Various Artists

When it comes to a selection of dope and new UK rap there is currently one label that sets the benchmark - B-Line Recordings!

With the B-Line EP Vol. 1 various artists like Whirlwind D, Agent Finch & Specifik or Sir Beans OBE dropped one banger after the other. The logic consequence is the release of Vol. 2 with simply more hits. Listen to more beats by Mr. Fantastic.

A1: No Airs And Graces ft. Rola, Turroe, Junior Disprol
A2: Remain ft. Reachwon, Mr. Fantastic
A3: Figure With The Speeches ft. Sir Beanz OBE, Figure Of Speech
A4: End Up ft. Beattrix, Doozer
A5: Ashes ft. MC Whirlwind DCoherent
B1: Do It ft. Agent Finch, SpecifikM.C.M.
B2: Full Length Goose ft. ChromeIll Inspired
B3: Natural Disaster ft. Heavy Links
B4: Rocking The Planet ft. Criminal Minds
B5: Take My Life ft. Sparkplug

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Also watch up for more B-Line releases from Whirlwind D, Def Defiance, Agent Finsh, Specifik, Sir Beans OBE, Chrome & Ill Inspired.

My special thanks goes out to B-Line Recordings and all artists involved. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. Wanna send free promo? Please contact me for shipping address by a click on the "gift card" banner on main page. 

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