Samstag, 28. Dezember 2013

Holy Grails: ASI-1020 ft. Ron B

The "Holy Grails" part of this blogspot is more like a personal museum for me as a true hip-hop and collectable vinyl fan. I fully appreciate the feedback I received from some of you also if it was partly negative.

Even though this record has been posted on blogspots and there is no product to be purchased from a record label or artist but this record is my personal holy grail and due to the name of this blogspot it's definitely worth to devote some attention. 

In 1990 "Ron B and The Step 2 Crew" from upstate New York released a 12" featuring the two tracks "Stitch By Stitch" and "Live Entertainer" on Asiatic Records. Although this record is a perfect example for a "random rap" classic (like a one hit wonder of a hip-hop artist) the record came with a full coloured picture cover.

The catchy piano sample [?where is this originally from?] but also the typical elements like scratches or a melody free drums medley provide "Stitch By Stitch" this unique character of an early 90's magnum opus.

A1: Stitch By Stitch (Vocal)
A2: Stitch By Stitch (Instrumental)
B1: Live Entertainer (Vocal)
B2: Live Entertainer (Instrumental)

My special thanks goes out to Ron B and The Step 2 Crew and the friendly seller of this record who made this holy grail mine 23 years after the official release year. Mission complete!


  1. this is why 90% of this "random rap" shit sucks: a boring rapper rhyming over a solid beat. nuthin' special, just mediocre stuff released in the same year when great music like one for all, step in the arena, funky technician, amerikkka's most wanted etc. dropped.

    1. completely disagree ... but to each his own ...

      next time don't forget to state your name :D


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