Freitag, 22. November 2013

Nike: ft. RZA & Reverend William Burk

As a huge fan of the mid 90s Wu-Tang releases I recognized that I rarely post vinyl from the 36 Chambers and that has obviously ome reasons. At first their fan base is still incredible so there is no argument to release a limited edition and second the new stuff is mostly not my favorite hip-hop style.

Since most of us had serious trouble with S**l T**ple it might take a little while before we can enjoy some more dope stuff from Shaolin but I am pretty sure RZA and his team will sort things out - sooner or later.

One of the doper releases I personally missed came in 2004. The project was part of a NIKE advertising with basketball star Lebron James called "Chamber of Fear” - an orchestra supported hip-hop track produced by mastermind The RZA himself.

The 12" is very limited and comes with full color picture cover. Those who didn't recognize this release but like it (like me) but also don't want to invest serious money can now get a 7" version from Hip-Hop 45 that is also limited to 300 copies - it might be a bootleg - I don't know.

A: Chamber Of Fear (Vocal)
A: Chamber Of Fear (Instrumental)
B: Chamber Of Fear (DJ Mix)
B: Chamber Of Fear (Orchestra Mix)

Link: Original

My special thanks goes out to Nike and The RZA. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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