Donnerstag, 16. Januar 2014

Crooked Cat: CCR001 ft. T-Max

Bos-Bos-Boston rep-represented by MC T-Max. That guy is not new to the game - since he released two 12" singles on Damage Recordings in 1996 and some unreleased stuff popped up at yout*** he got mad attention and so it was a matter of time that this project comes to reality.

Crooked Cat Records is a new indie label that hunts for dope and unreleased demos and starts it's discography with the "Time To Explode EP" by T-Max (Unsigned Hype, The Source Mag, June '95).

A: Old Days
A: Pass It On
A: Time To Explode ft. Jay Stone
B: The Rhyme
B: Cashflow
B: Lets Loose Remix

Produced: Dow Brain, Brad Young, Danny Wood
Recorded: 1993-1996

My special thanks goes out to Crooked Cat Records and T-Max. A special thanks to Pat for making us aware of this brand new label.

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