Donnerstag, 3. Oktober 2013

Sergent: SR-00037 ft. Awon & Phoniks (Bonus)

Sergent Records presents 3 new releases to be shipped late 2013.

First of all we have "Return Of The Golden Era" by MC Awon & producer Phoniks. This 2LP collaboration of Awon (from Newport News, VA) and Phoniks (from Portland) delivers 15 tracks full of boom bap. 

Get your vinyl 2LP with full picture cover at or get your download at

A: Midas Touch
A: Champagne Laced
A: Forever Ill ft. Dephlow & Tiff The Gift
B: Street Saga
B: Blinded by the Riches
B: Blood In Blood Out
B: Rule of the Gun ft. Dephlow
C: 40oz Wisdom Interlude ft. Pel
C: Get Yours
C: Move Back
C: Black and Blue Interlude
D: Correct Techniques
D: Above Water
D: Move Back (Phoniks Remix)
D: Rule of the Gun ft. Dephlow (Phoniks Remix)

Secondly Sergent Records releases "DJ S-Ky The Cookinjax" & "Zaid (from D.O.M.S)". The EP "Es Isch Wie's Isch" comes with full picture cover and various remixes (e.g. by MpaDrums). All latest releases are avaialble in bundle deals (for limited time only). A current bundle includes a free bonus EP named "Project Oasis - The Green Bag EP".

A: Time Is Ticking
A: Lyrical Examination
B: Chill
B: What Is Rap Without Karizma=
B: Freestyle 101

My special thanks goes out to Sergent Records, Awon, Phoniks. Also a shout out to DJ S-Ky, Zaid and Project Oasis. 

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