Freitag, 4. Oktober 2013

Project Blue Book: PBB-LP002 ft. DJ Format & Phill Most Chill

"The Formost" is the name of the new project by DJ Format and Phill Most Chill. The result is an album of 10 Hip Hop tracks.

The album delivers pure fast rap music with lyrics by Philadelphia MC Phill Most Chill. Furthermore the album contains guest vocals by Oxygen (Soundsci, Sputnik Brown, Spox PhD) and Emskee (The Good People). All tracks produced by DJ Format "with intricate samples cut & scratched to perfectly complement each song".

A: The Feeling
A: Diggin' For A Livin'
A: Get Busy Music
A: Beverly
A: Angry Birds
B: Work Song
B: Triple Threat MC's feat. Oxygen,Emskee
B: The Foremost
B: Take A Stand
B: The Shape Of Things To Come

Release date: 28th Oct. 2013
Order: or at your trusted record store

My special thanks goes out to DJ Format, Phill Most Chill and Project Blue Book. Shout out to Mr. Krum for another dope artwork - Vinyl Veterans! All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 


  1. yo what up Thor!! Do u know if this is available for pre-order? Or do we have to wait until October 28 to order?

  2. ... think 28th is the release date and there'll be no earlier pre-order date ... but of course I don't know more than others :D

  3. what happened to the website that was/is gonna release this? Its down now so do u know how or where to order a copy?

  4. release date is the 28th so it's not up for pre-order yet - stores like kudos or suspect packages will have this from the 28th on


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