Donnerstag, 3. Oktober 2013

Mello Music Group: MMG-040 ft. L'Orange, Stik Figa

It's almost impossible to purchase every single release of Mello Music Group whereas most releases are definitely worth to get them straight on release date. With his release on Jakarta Records L'Orange left a long lasting impression and presents now his new project on MMG.

Together with Stik Figa L'Orange releases the LP "The City Under The City" which contains 14 tracks including guest MCs like Has-Lo, yU and 7even Thirty plus cuts by DJ Iron.

The LP comes on split black/white vinyl in full picture cover.

A: Dusty Speakers
A: Monochrome
A: Blind Tiger
A: Before Midnight (feat. Rapsody)
A: Decorated Silence (feat. Open Mike Eagle & MindsOne)
A: Dopamine
A: World of Monsters
B: One of Them (feat. 7evenThirty)
B: Smoke Rings
B: Stone Like Me (feat. Has-Lo)
B: Among Thieves (feat. yU)
B: Bravo Bravado
B: We Were Heroes (feat. DJ Iron)
B: After All

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My special thanks goes out to L'Orange, Stik Figa and MMG. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

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