Montag, 26. August 2013

Vinyl Tapes: VT-001 ft. Shawn J. Period

Stitch By Stitch welcomes Vinile with a guest post about Vinyl Tapes - a new vinyl only label based out of Brooklyn, NYC.

Shawn J. Period's "The Unspoken 90's Volume One" is the first in its series of unreleased Hip-Hop instrumentals from the Golden Era. This record picks up where "Frontline" and "Universal Magnetic" left off, when Shawn stopped sampling and began creating all of his music from scratch. 

The result is a wider and warmer breadth of music where the musicality of Shawn J. Period emerges. The beats are complete with bridges and breaks, shattering the monotony that can often be all too common from an instrumental release.

A: Living The Street 
A: Under My Breathe 
A: Mos Of The Time 
A: Sprink 
A: Wall Flower Rose 
A: Red Hear
B: Life Worth 
B: Type Set
B: Super Dope 
B: Lunar Sunday 
B: Farside Moon

The record contains "Living the Street", the heavily sought after track from the "Notorious" movie score. They are pressed on translucent red vinyl with the first hundred signed by Shawn J. Period.


My special thanks goes out to Shawn J. Period and Vinyl Tapes. Special shout out to Vinile for the guest post. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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