Sonntag, 4. August 2013

12 Drunkies: ft. Wildelux

12 Drunkies presents "Shadowland Dwellers" by Wildelux.  Raised in the Bronx NYC, 1993 moved to Los Angeles in 1993. Wildelux worked with Ice T and the Syndicate crew, Trekan The Governer, Body Snatchas or The Silent Ones and is now an active member of "The Last Kind". 

The Shadowland Dwellers EP is now available on a limited edition cassette tape (100 copies) or digital download. Possibly there will be a vinyl edition later this year (2013). If you are looking for a physical copy make you purchase now - less than 20 copies available. 

A: The Dugout
A: My Addiction
A: Photoshop Frame
A: Crossfire Bystanders
A: Stop Playin'
B: Roadmap
B: Hands Off
B: Mouthpiece (feat. Dennis Real)
B: The Kid's Life
B: Mida's Touch

Produced by Dash Uno & Meidi Moe
Cuts by Dash Uno, Chris Cutter
My special thanks goes out to Wildelux, 12 Drunkies (Kiel) and Chris J. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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