Montag, 1. Juli 2013

Slice Of Spice: SSR-034 ft. K-Def & DaCapo

K-Def & DaCapo are "The Program". As part of the new vinyl series Slice Of Spice Records releases the eponymous EP featuring 3 bonus tracks with vocal and instrumental versions.

The exclusive EP got pressed in three different versions. First of all there are black vinyl copies who are available with each purchase of the "Program Pack" (also including Article EP, Article Instros EP, Genius EP). Secondly there is a strongly limited Test Press bundle including TP and strongly limited blue/white vinyl edition.

How to get one of the blue/white ones ... don't ask  me - follow the Slice Of Spice Record Store and become a lucky owner. Each version comes with a different sticker on cover.

In summary:

  • black vinyl edition: 150 copies
  • blue/white vinyl edition: 75 copies
  • test pressing: 10 copies

Get your copy now at: and check the record label on FB.

A: Look Around
A: Going Back To Brooklyn
A: Wack Rapper

B: Look Around (Instrumental)
B: Going Back To Brooklyn (Instrumental)
B: Wack Rapper (Instrumental)

My special thanks goes out to Richard at Slice Of Spice, K-Def and DaCapo. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

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