Donnerstag, 6. Juni 2013

Variation: VM013 / VM014 ft. Vertual Vertigo

Hope my dude Vinyl Digger forgives me that I post his brand new double release with a 2 days delay but here we are - Variation Music presents Vertual Vertigo.

Vertual Vertigo is a hip-hop duo consisting Cerebral Vortex from San Antonio, TX and Ezekiel38 from Chicago, IL. Both met in Nurnberg, Germany in 2000 and since back then they drop rap music for your listening pleasure.

In collaboration with Variation music they now release "Come Fly With Me" and "Air / Keep Following". Show your support and don't miss - both releases limited to 400 copies in a black/white sticker cover - 75 bundle packs for the early birds available.

Order here:

Come Fly With Me LP (VM-013)
A1: Summa Dat
A2: The Schwetty
A3: Dust The Erasers
A4: 25 To Life
A5: Space Brains
B1: Free Lunch
B2: Summer Knights
B3: Keep Following
B4: Ladies
B5: Pink Caviar (Bonus)
B6: Make It Easy (Bonus)

Air / Keep Following 12" (VM-014)
A1: Air (Original)
A2: Air (Maker Remix)
A3: Air (Mono Remix)
A4: Air Instrumental
A5: Bounce (Bonus)
B1: Keep Following (Japandrew Remix)
B2: Keep Following (Japandrew Remix) Instrumental
B3: Keep Following (Mono Remix)
B4: Keep Following (Mono Remix) Instrumental
B5: Keep Following (Piano Remix)
B6: X Interlude

All tracks produced by Japandrew.

My special thanks goes out to Variation Music and Vertual Vertigo. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

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