Dienstag, 11. Juni 2013

Rhythmic Combat: RHCO-002 ft. Kay LC, DCREAL67

"Hard 2 Handle, released in 1991, is still considered one of the best hip hop albums in Dutch history. The beats were soulful, groovy and uptempo, which KAY LC masterfully completing with fine, far from superficial lyrics.

Than 22 years after that release on DJAX, KAY LC comes with the sequel: Ups' n Downs. He teamed up with deejay-producer DCREAL67, his contemporary and kindred spirit. KAY and DC both have a love for Hip-Hop Music as was common in the so-called Golden Era: soulful, funky and jazzy samples, hard, crispy drumz catchy and scratches. DCREAL, champion of the warm, analogue Hip Hopsound, dove into his record collection and forged beats with his Emu SP1200, the classic sample drum machine and his two Technics SL 1210 turntables.

The pair appeared in the studio in Purmerend at Fusion Deal Productions. The many sundays have resulted in a more than worthy successor to Hard 2 Handle. The beats of DC are warm, soulful, sometimes dark, sometimes funky, the rhymes of KAY (who also deserves his credits in the production) lay delicious on the beats, well understood, appealing and masterfully of content. DC completes the package with authentic rhythm scratching. Hiphop Music as intended." [author: DCREAL67]

The album is limited to 300 copies and comes in a picture cover including press sheet. Get your copy for about 20€ via dcreal67@gmail.com or ask your retailer to get this on stock.

A: Mic Check
A: The Boss
A: Knowledge Born
A: Love Bandit
A: Upset With The Threat
A: Nowadayz
B: Ups & Downs
B: Music Takes My Mind ft. Redzone
B: Next To U
B: Just For Fun ft. Mic Crusher Rude D
B: Sunshine ft. Michael Blessed, Shafally
B: Let The Rhyme Continue

My special thanks goes out to Kay LC and DCReal67. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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