Sonntag, 19. Mai 2013

Vinyl Reminiscences: VRP-001 ft. Yu Mamiya

Every now and then it happens that I miss out on a release that fulfills the criteria that it needs to be posted on this blogspot. Fortunately Stitch By Stitch has supportive members like "wicked22" who contribute with suggestions and advices - thank you very much!

Yu Mamiya is a producer from Japan who has also an impressive vinyl collection - like most of us. Armed with his SP-1200 and a vast selection of Jazz, Funk and Soul records he produces hip-hop beats in its pure art form. The first release on his label Vinyl Reminiscences Production is "Back & 4th Scrambler" and features the legendary Large Professor. 

The 7" release comes with full coloured picture cover designed by Novol who also designed flyers for Japan's most famous DJ Muro. In a limited edition of 500 copies the record got released in US and Japan around October 2012 so it's now time to get your copy before they are gone or prices go thru the roof.

Another 7" release features Rasheed Chappell that you should check as well if you order some vinyl from the land of the rising sun. The record features main mix and remix version of the song "Respect Power"

Check Face Records, Jet Set Records or your trusted store for copies. Good Luck!!!

My special thanks goes out to Yu Mamiya, Large Pro, Rasheed, Vinyl Reminiscences, Face Records and Wicked22. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

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