Freitag, 12. April 2013

Red Snow: RS002 ft. Melanin 9

In November 2012 Melanin9 released the debut single "White Russian" that features Roc Marciano on the title track. The red/black splattered vinyl sold very well so that the full-lenght album followed only a month later.

To every vinyl nerd's surprise the album came out on CD only but Melanin9 and Red Snow Records  now go one better and finally release the album including 5 instrumentals on a 2LP.

The vinyl edition is limited to 250 copies and comes in a nice picture/gatefold cover. It contains 14 vocal tracks plus 5 beats on Side D.

A: Gene Of Isis
A: Magna Carta
A: Landslide
A: The 7 Blues
A: Cosmos

B: 11:08
B: Love's Stencil
B: Heartless Island
B: White Russian
B: Red Snow

C: Organised Democracy
C: No Man's Land
C: Mont Blanc Remix (Bonus)
C: Marble

D: Landslide (Instrumental)
D: Cosmos (Instrumental)
D: Heartless Island (Instrumental)
D: Red Snow (Instrumental)
D: Mont Blanc (Instrumental)

The album features vocals by Roc Marciano, Triple Darkness & Madame Pepper ; production from Jehst, Anatomy, HeyZues, 7th Dan, Parental, Ohbliv & Tony Mahoney. Pre-order your copy at bandcamp and choose between a signed or an unsigned edition.

My special thanks goes out to Melanin9, Anatomy and Red Snow Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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