Dienstag, 15. Januar 2013

Self-Released: ft. PJay

It's about that time to introduce you to German BoomBap! P!Jay released "That Ain't Hip Hop" short before new years eve.

The "Remix EP" contains the original version by Beatfreaks with cuts by my man 12 Finger Dan plus 3 different remixes from dude26, the world famous Mirko Machine and Soulmade. Vocal feature by Prop Dylan. Additional to the vocal versions you get all instrumentals plus the accapalla and another bonus tracks called "War Wisdoms". 

The record is available at www.vinylism.de and some other stores. Now it's time to support the underground - this is Hip Hop!

A1: That Ain't Hip Hop ft. Prop Dylan (prod. Beatfreaks / Cuts: 12 Finger Dan)
A2: T.A.H.H. dude26 Remix
A3: T.A.H.H. Mirko Mchine Remix
A4: T.A.H.H. Soulmade Remix
A5: War Wisdoms (prod. Beatfreaks / Cuts: Herbert Funk)

B1: T.A.H.H. Instrumental
B2: T.A.H.H. dude26 Remix Instrumental
B3: T.A.H.H. Mirko Machine Remix Instrumental
B4: T.A.H.H. Soulmade Remix Instrumental
B5: T.A.H.H. Acapella

My special thanks goes out to P!Jay, 12 Finger Dan, Mirko and Vinylism. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

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