Donnerstag, 8. November 2012

Chopped Herring: CHPNR001 ft. Phase N Rhythm

One of those records I was searching for years before I got one for a decent price. Here is your chance to get at least two of the greatest random rap tracks on vinyl. Chopped Herring Records presents: Phase N Rhythm and their Paul C heavy hitters "Brainfood" and "Hyperactive".

"Just before they signed the deal with Tommy Boy in 1989 there was a flood in Rhythm’s basement where they recorded all their tracks and a bunch of copies of the first 12” (200 or so!!) were destroyed, as well as a healthy chunk of Rhythm’s record collection and most importantly the reels of all the tracks they were working on for the Tommy Boy album. Everything was lost!!

The only thing that remains are the 2 DATS we have used for this vinyl release. After 25 years in the vaults, surviving record deals, floods, bad management, bad pressings and bad DAT machines we present ‘Phase n Rhythm – The Force of the Matrix EP’ which includes recordings from the original studio DAT’s of ‘Hyperactive’ and ‘Brainfood’ at their original BPM as well as ‘The Force of the Matrix’ which has never been leaked or heard outside of the boys themselves. Also included are the dub versions of ‘Matrix’ and ‘Hyperactive’ as well as the acapella of ‘Hyperactive’ which appears on the now grail-ish debut single on Funky Tune Records aka Rhythm’s mom’s spot!" [source & read more]

A: The Force Of The Matrix
A: Brainfood
A: The Force Of The Matrix (Dub)
B: Hyperactive
B: Hyperactive (Dub)
B: Hype-apella

This release is limited to 350 copies - 75 on perl multi-colored vinyl, 75 on red/yellow wax and 200 are black and beautiful. To place your order send an email with all your information now.

My special thanks goes out to Bob at Chopped Herring Records, Phase N Rhythm and Paul C (R.I.P.). All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.


  1. just ordered a copy. looks nice this one. i had the 'Brainfood' OG some years back but not any more.

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