Donnerstag, 1. November 2012

Bulletproof Crates: BPC45-001 ft. FRE$HEEP

Australian producer duo FRE$HEEP consisting of DJ Sheep & Matty Fresh present their first 7" EP with selections taken from the debut album "Antidepressants" featuring Roc Marciano & J-Zone.

This record is a limited pressing of 80 copies on clear blue vinyl (colour inspired by Walter White's special Breaking Bad blue ice) and another 120 copies on black wax. 

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A: Just Let Me Be Ft. Roc Marciano
A: Just Let Me Be (Instrumental)
A: Just Let Me Be (Rocapella)

B: Sailing High On Valium ft. J-Zone
B: Valium Drums ft. J-Zone

Both sides produced by FRE$HEEP
The cover shows their album Antidepressants available on CD

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