Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2012

Slice Of Spice: SSR-15.5 ft. Oxygen

Today Slice Of Spice is back with a super nice release package featuring my man Oxygen. A couple of weeks ago I already posted some details about the "Gone Diggin" 10inch vinyl single (special edition on yellow vinyl). This is now available directly via SOS store but don't think there isn't more to grab!!!

First of all we have the "Gone Diggin Fisher Price Remix" by DJ Format limited to 200 copies only. Second the signed connoisseur sets on 5" or 10" inch wax limited to 10 copies.

I personally decided to go with the collectors set to get the original and remix tracks all together.

SOS has teamed up with Oxygen & DJ Format to provide a truly incredible bonus record for the "Diggin By Law" remix project. DJ Format in action on the stunning Fisher Price Remix of "Gone Diggin'"and the bonus cut "33.3".

"Once again Mr. Krum has the art design locked as we push the vinyl boundaries again with this insane 5" picture disc. We've spared no expense to provide something unique and ensured the quality of this record is beyond that of anyone else in the vinyl game right now. Those familiar with our releases know the deal!" [source]

My special thanks goes out to OX, Gensu Dean, Format and Richard at Slice Of Spice Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.


  1. 35.00 USD for a 5" picture disc. I've got respect for Slice-Of-Spice they always put out quality and treat their customers great but that is just ridiculous. This is the first release of theirs in almost 2 years that I haven't bought. You can buy rare out of print 2LPs for less than that.

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  3. Mediocre music for a ridiculous price. Wow. What's next 4" flexi discs for $79.99? Why not? Talk about a gimmick label....

  4. Pushing the boundaries of vinyl with 5"? What a joke!


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