Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2012

Chopped Herring: CHNBA001 ft. North Bronx Alliance / Aiello Wilson

Hello everybody! I am back from vacation and definitely forced to update the blog with all the latest releases.

The first and most unexpected release is "The NY Kings EP" featuring 6 tracks from Aiello Wilson and the North Bronx Alliance (K-Black & Cypher).

The track "Black Soil" became available on a very rare 12" vinyl single back in 1997 but the N.B.A. EP never made it. Only about 10-12 Test Pressings existing. Finally most tracks are now officially available except "Live '97"(hopefully next time :)).

A: Black Soil by Aiello ft. N.B.A.
A: Black Caesar by N.B.A.
A: Nobody Can Save U by N.B.A.
B: 80 Proof Rhymes by Aiello
B: NY Kings by N.B.A.
B: The Gamble Pt. 2 by N.B.A.

Producer: DJ Rob Dinero

The EP is limited to 300 copies (75 on purple/white, 75 on orange/black, 150 on black vinyl). All colored copies are already sold out. Here are some additional background infos provided by Bob of Chopped Herring Records: "All four artists grew up in the Castle Hill/Soundview area of the Bronx. They started making tracks on a basic home studio set-up consisting of an MPC60 and a borrowed keyboard. They recorded the first and only official single at Database Studios in the Bronx - and as quickly as it started it was over. The next release was never fully pressed and the group split up to pursue their own careers mostly outside of the music industry. DJ Rob Dinero went on to work with Big L and actually recorded the vocals for 'Flamboyant', 'Platinum Plus' and 'The Games', which were taken from one of many mix tapes that he dropped throughout the 90s. He was not credited for 'Platinum Plus' and 'The Games' and there seems to have been some trickery involved in obtaining these vocal tracks which Rob certainly didn't want to extrapolate on - but after much prodding he revealed that a certain record label used some very dubious tactics to obtain the masters at a very 'reasonable' price. Rob had been working with Big L right up to his tragic death in 1999, preparing the DATs for his live sets, most notably the bootlegged Live From Amsterdam 1998 show."

Pre-Order now:

My special thanks goes out to Bob at "The Herring", Aiello and NBA. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

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