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Graveyard: ft. West Coast Terrorists

Stitch By Stitch and Threshold Recordings introduce: West Coast Terrorists (WTC). The LP "Tactics Of A Serial Killer"was released in 1991 on Graveyard Recordings. Nowadays it's a hard to find record but with your positive feedback and support Threshold Recordings could be convinced to re-release the album.

I am proud to welcome Tragedy and E-Drama who provided some historical insights.

Tragedy: "First off, let me just start by saying that forming WCT as teenage kids with my partner in crime E was some of the greatest shit that I ever took part in. Not just the music; it was the whole thing that went along with being in WCT. I don't have the space nor time (nor proper legal representation) to go into all the details but let's just say we did our very best to get into as much pussy (E's primary mission), alcohol, weed (my primary mission), general trouble, and attempted thuggery that we possibly could get into in Santa Cruz."

E-Drama: "I agree this was released during the Golden Era of Hip Hop. I was involved in Hip Hop since the early 1980’s and had a dream to one day be a rapper that would go down in history. With this passion I would listen to urban Hip Hop, go to rap concerts and surrounded myself with people in the industry. I looked up to Kutmasta Kurt who was one of the very first pioneers of Hip Hop in the city of Santa Cruz and knew that by him making strides in the Hip Hop world, I would one day get there.
For me Hip Hop was a way of life and with my childhood friends it started with (MC Groove) with Chaz anthem to raw pieces with DJ Zeph. Experimenting but not finding my identity till junior high and high school friends Nate Curtis (The Wax murderer) and Greg Pitts (MC Tragedy the HitMan) decided that we all had talents and a common goal to do something different, something no one had ever done before." 

Tragedy: "We probably recorded about 40 songs at Kurt's "studio" over 2 or 3 year period. Kurt's "studio" being his bedroom in his parents crib with an 8 track reel-to-reel, two 1200s, a keyboard sampler, a mixer, and a couple other things that I had no idea what they were ... Kurt charged us $10 an hour for studio time. Back then, that rate to a couple of 16 year old kids who were laughing so hard during the sessions that we could barely get through a verse in a couple of hours, that was a lot of money."

E-Drama: "That was the creation of The West Coast Terrorists. This group was to be so controversial, so sick, so shocking that no one would ever forget, yet the beats would be hard. We knew that to do this took risk, would take relentless pursuit to be successful and we knew that we would have to mix in a few mainstream songs but only if they were about who we were at that time. This album "Tactics Of A Serial Killer" was something that we were so proud of. So much time, so much sacrifice and so much went into what we were doing, to have it finally on wax was a dream come true. The content was a combination of what we wanted to have for shock value, what we did; like drinking alcohol like crazy, stroking off (lmao), to gang life and drama which was a part of our lives too at that time. This was a huge accomplishment that I will always be proud of, and share with great childhood friends that was both fact and fiction. Good times , bad times, as much sex as I could get, friendships, drinking, fighting, cruising, hanging out, stroking to porn, shocking, mocking, pranks. Let me tell you it was a time that will never be matched. Decades later, this is just as controversial today as it was then. Be prepared to listen to our lives, The Murder capitol, alcohol, sex and what it was over bad ass beats. Be prepared to be shocked, scared, sick and laugh your ass off at the same time. Fa-Q."

Tragedy: "Listen, I've said a lot, I know it's not supposed to be a novel, but fuck you, this is my time to set the record straight. The bottom line is that we were trying to push boundaries in a direction we'd never heard done at that time. No one was talking about being a serial killer and doing the most heinous shit that any human being could possibly imagine, things so outrageous that it was ridiculous; well at least to us it was. Our songs made us laugh a lot - a lot of times our songs made people look at us in a way that was like, "I know you think your song is funny, but you know, it's not, but you truly think it's funny and I have to wonder about someone who finds this funny - you might actually be dangerous in some really weird and scary way." ... "It's been over 20 years now since this came out - I'm a lot older now, but still younger (and better looking) than both E and Kurt. If I had a 17 year old son who was creative and resourceful enough to make something like this, I'd be beaming with pride - so good job Mom! In closing I'd just like to say to anyone reading this (including you Kurt, and the fans- "FA-Q" - that's the deal, will always be the deal, and if you don't know, it doesn't matter, because we know and we're laughing at you right at this very moment."

I really hope you enjoy the read and that you became curious to listen to album snippets or several tracks available on the web. If we got through to you please leave your feedback in the comment section, on SBS or Threshold Facebook, send emails to Kurt, Mike or myself ... do what ever you want as long as you leave your feedback ;)

My very special thanks goes out to Kurt, Mike, Tragedy and E-Drama. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only!


  1. What a coincidence! Today I received a promo cassette copy of the album in the mail.

    Would be nice to have this on vinyl as well. Hope it gets put out.



  2. I like what I hear on the snippets!! Thanks for sharing and dropping some knowledge on some unreleased gems. I would love to have this on vinyl too! Hopefully someday that will happen

  3. Would be great to hear some of those other tracks they recorded. Instead of a re-release, how about some unreleased?


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