Freitag, 10. August 2012

F5: ft. DJ Crucial

The label that brought us EDO. G's "Fastlane EP" now collaborates with DJ Crucial.

F5 Records presents DJ Crucial’s unreleased SP archives. The Retro Active EP features heavy-hitting artists like the Alps Cru, Large Professor or Sadat X. Crucial’s constant homage to the boom bap 90s stays true in the production so enjoy this limited press of 450 plates.

The record is available here. Twelve helped me to find some snippets for you, all you need to do now is to check this and make your decision: buy or buy now ;)

A1: ALPS Cru - No Question Rmx
A2: Large Pro, MF Grimm - Untitled Rmx
A3: ALPS Cru - No Question Rmx Instr.
A4: Large Pro, MF Grimm - Untitled Rmx Instr.

B1: Casual - Essence Of Freshness
B2: Capo, Jia Davis, Sadat X - Struggle
B3: Edo G., Jia Davis - Firepower
B4: Grimm Teachaz - i Getz Rmx
B5: Black Spade - Sweetest Revenge Rmx

My special thanks goes out to Crucial and F5. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. A special shout out to my FB fam for posting it in the discussion group of Stitch By Stitch blogspot.

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  1. A snippet mix has been added to the preorder page a couple of days ago in case anyone missed it.

    Sounding very nice indeed.


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