Mittwoch, 15. August 2012

Dope Folks: DF-0020 ft. Def Rhythm Productions

Dope Folks releases a repress of one of the most sought after and most expensive hip-hop records at present.

The "Back To The Lab" EP by Def Rhythm Productions is a sampler featuring various artists like Omniscience and MC Romeo. The EP got originally released in 1990 in a full picture cover and featured 11 very strong tracks with the typical "random rap" sound. Due to the quality of the music and the rare availability the record was sold for more than 600 US$ several times.

The record will feature the full track list of the first press and comes in a sticker cover related to the OG picture cover. 350 copies for sale only.

A: Kevin K And DJ Timex - The Man With Soul
A: D-Mack And MC Dizzy Dee - You Know The Flavour
A: Prince Shahem Beloved - In The Ghetto
A: KSB Fresh - I'm Groovin
A: MC Romeo - The Lyricist
A: Def Rhythm Productions - Bring In The Dope Beat

B: Omniscience - Lost In The Music
B: Mind Over Matter - Invisible Enemy
B: MC Romeo - Listen To It
B: Prince Shahem Beloved - I Can Go Freestyle
B: Def Rhythm Productions - The Jewel

Release Date: sold out

My special thanks goes out to Dope Folks Records. I am really looking forward to see this record coming while I could manage to get an original test press copy lately (Thx, D!).

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  1. i think this one'll go as quick if not quicker than the Lord Aaqil 12". I need to keep my eye on my inbox!


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