Montag, 27. August 2012

Chopped Herring: CHQU33NS03 ft. Meyhem Lauren

New fish in the sea. Chopped Herring Records presents the new EP by Meyhem Lauren. Here are the facts from the pre-order website.

Chopped Herring has 2 eight track EP's for you rap fiends. The first one is a vocal EP including seven vocal joints off the "Respect The Fly Shit EP" and one instrumental jam. The second EP is a predominantly instrumental joint but includes the bonus track Grown Man Palettes featuring none other than Sean P(rice).

Other guests include Outdoorsmen Action Bronson and AG Da Coroner as well as Roc Marciano, Smoke DZA, Thristin Howl III, Despot and J-Love. Production is by Tommy 'Dr Lecter' Mas and Harry Fraud.

Vocal Version:
A: BBQ Brisket feat. Action Bronson and AG Da Coroner
A: Pan Seared Tilapia feat.AG Da Coroner, Action Bronson and Despot
A: Lets Hold Hands
A: Drug Lords feat. AG Da Coroner and Action Bronson

B: Peace Dad
B: Peruvian Desserts feat Action Bronson and Roc Marciano
B: Radioactive Tuna feat. Smoke DZA, J-Love and Thirstin Howl III
B: Drug Lords (Instrumental)

Instrumental Version:
A: Grown Man Palettes feat. Sean Price (vocal)
A: Top Of The World (Instrumental)
A: Pan Seared Tilapia (Instrumental)
A: BBQ Brisket (Instrumental)

B: Grown Man Palettes (Instrumental)
B: Peruvian Desserts (Instrumental)
B: Radioactive Tuna (Instrumental)
B: Lets Hold Hands (Instrumental)

Vocal version is limited to 500 copies - "Respect The Fly Shit EP"
The first 75 are on yellow vinyl, 200 are on black/white mixed vinyl, remaining 225 are on classic black wax.
Instrumental version is limited to 350 copies - "Respect The Fly Shit Instrumentals EP"
The first 75 are on yellow vinyl, next 75 are on transparent blue vinyl, remaining 200 are on Black wax.
Yellow wax for t-shirt bundle orders only.

My special thanks goes out to Bob at Chopped Herring Records and Meyhem Lauren. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

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