Samstag, 5. Januar 2013

Six2Six: SIX-14 ft. Annexx Click

This record releases on Six 2 Six Records is something special for the Stitch By Stitch blogspot.

A few month ago I got in contact with DJ Concrete (what's up broh?). We talked about unreleased "The Annexx Click" material and I thought the collaboration with Six 2 Six Records is the best to bring the tracks to the heads.

From Concrete and Wiz Foundation be prepared for unreleased tracks from West Hells finest K-MACK, SILOUETTE & DJ CONCRETE. Complete vinyl details are now available at

A1: Blue Tape (Intro)
A2: In Baltimore
A3: Blessin Me
A4: Do Or Die
A5: Can U Feel It
B1: Bring It On
B2: Fastlane
B3: Her, Him & Him feat. Mike Capone
B4: Concrete Foundation Meets Annexx

Order now: here

My special thanks goes out to DJ Concrete, Street Tactics and Six 2 Six Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.


  1. que material es el de la soundcloud?

    1. sorry I don't speak Spanish !

      soundcloud like above has snippets of different songs from the lp

    2. which are the themes of snippet?


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