Freitag, 21. Dezember 2012

Sure Shot: SS-004 ft. Fabreeze Brothers

Since their first single release (also featured on this blog) we know that there will be an album release of the Fabreeze Brothers (Phill Most Chill and Paul Nice) soon. But good news for the fans because Phill Most announced on his blog that there will be a second single release before.

"I recorded some rhymes over a speed up JB's "Blow Your Head" loop and Paul ditched the JB's sample, took the acapella, flipped the Lorenz Alexandria "Baltimore Oriole" break, smashed them together and viola - "The Packup (Part 1)." [PMC]

So check the snippets and order your copies now at Sure Shot. Sales started on Friday the 21st December 2012. The record is available on black and winter white wax limited to 550 copies (200 in white).  

My special thanks goes out to PMC and Paul Nice. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

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  1. sounds like another good 'un. i just ordered one, cheers for the heads up once again.


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