Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2012

Redefinition: RDF-none ft. Joe Buck

What Redefinition presents here and you definitely don't want to miss is a fine collaboration featuring Joe Buck.

Precisely this is bundle of two 5x7" postcard record, which is essentially a piece of PAPER with vinyl grooves pressed into a very thin layer of gloss lamination on one side. The sound quality is not so good as record nerds prefer but it's a nice combination of sound and art.

Joe Buck x Redefinition Records, Damu x K-Def, SP1200 x MPC60 ...

"Each print highlights a classic sampler / drum machines that one of our affiliated musicians uses. These two prints highlight the Akai MPC60 and the EMU SP1200. Damu uses the SP every now and then, and in the past, K-Def used to use an Akai MPC60. 

Volume 1 includes BOTH prints as pictured above. Not sold separately. Future Volumes in our "Miner League" series will be produced on entirely different formats, and showcase different equipment, ideas and artists.

The SP1200 postcard features a track from Damu's How it Should Sound LP, not a new or unreleased recording. The MPC60 postcard features the original demoversion of one of K-Def's most popular productions from the early 90s. We don't wanna come off like those QVC knife sellers, but seriously ... if you get this you'll own a piece of history. The K-Def beat on the MPC60 card was literally sourced from one of K's original beat tapes from '92 (which featured a number of beats recorded straight outta his MPC).
" [store]

Both tracks available for free download

My special thanks goes out to Redefinition, JNOTA and Joe Buck. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

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