Freitag, 29. Juni 2012

Freestyle: FP-7793 ft. Freestyle Professors & Magnificent Shakeem

It makes always sense to check various stores for pre-order items. My newest find makes me very happy. Well my man Ed told me a few weeks ago that there is something in the pipeline but I didn't expect a massive package like that. So let's start to analyze the bundle:

At first I see the "Devastating EP" by Freestyle Professors with guest appearance of Sadat X, A.G., Blaq Poet, Lord Tariq and B.A.M. The tracks are coming from the forthcoming "Branesparker & Friends" LP.

A: Devastating
A: Subway Series
B: Rebuild Them
B: Come On
B: Proverbs (Sun God Remix)

The second EP is by Magnificent Shakeem, probably an AKA of Branespaker I haven't heard before but definitely something I need to find out. The track list shows a number of six:

A: Invincible
A: I'm The Magnificent Shakeem
A: World's Famous
B: Hardcore Villain (OG Version)
B: What's Going On
B: You Better Be Treacherous

At last the bundle features a 7" split vinyl and features Magnificent Shakeem on side A plus Branesparker & G.W. Foxx on side B.

A: I'm The Magnificent Shakeem (Remix)
B: Get Wise

Due to the fact that the 7" is limited to 200 copies I expect there will be 200 bundle deals for the real heads available. The Magnificent EP will be limited to 300 copies. The shipping date is expected for mid July so check the Freestyle Professors page, UGHH and this blog for any further information.

My special thanks goes out to Ed Catto, Branesparker, Freestyle Records and all featured artists. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.


  1. nice man... looking forward to this. What Freestyle professors page do I go to for more info... or how to get a hold of ed catto? Thnx!!

  2. Waiting for Ed's reply doc. FB's homepage has no info at the moment but you can check the release plus pic at UGHH ... all links above !!!

    Or check out the blog/fbook page, all updates will be there as well



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