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Six2Six: SIX-11 ft. S.C.U. / SIX-12 ft. New Testament / SIX-13 ft. Wolfe D.O.M-Nation

It was no more a secret that Six2Six Records will drop a massive bomb on Record Store Day 2012 and most of the 90's hip-hop heads were well prepared to catch the bomb. We're talking about a triple release with three long awaited E.P.s announced by the Baltimore hip-hop blacksmith.

SIX-13 is an official re-release of the famous Wolfe D.O.M.-Nation LP from 1996. The Park Heights Hustlers collaborate with Six2Six to finally make the EP available for a few more heads. The full-lenght album features 9 tracks written by Lil Wolfe, Killah White and Wolfe D.O.M. and is limited to a pressing of 250 copies on red splattered clear wax.

A1: Get Raw
A2: Kamakkazzi
A3: Lock-N-Load
A4: NY To B'more
A5: Wayz Of The World
B1: Shaky Ground
B2: Da Stash
B3: Thought Chaser
B4: Get Naughty

SIX-11 is the long awaited E.P. from Baltimore's Self Contained Unit; short S.C.U. From the vaults of super-producer Jay Funk, Six 2 Six presents previously unreleased archived material pressed on vinyl. All tracks come from the un-released LP 'Brace Yo Delf' recorded around 1996-1997. The Harm City E.P. is limited to 250 copies on solid white wax.

A1: Harm City
A2: 123 Remix
A3: Murder 1 Instrumental
B1: Threshold Of Pain
B2: 9 To 5
B3: 9 To 5 Instrumental

Last but not least SIX-12 is: The Day After 12" by New Testament. The super lyrical cerebral battle crew from the City Of Harm is bringing you unearthed material from circa 1994-1996. The debut release is limited to 250 copies and will be pressed on powder blue wax.

A1: Sick & Tired
A2: Let It Rain (Sunlight)
A3: Chances f
B1: Call Waiting
B2: Interlude
B3: The Quickening
B4: Operation Preparation H

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