Sonntag, 22. April 2012

Ill Adrenaline: IAR-002 ft. Rashad & Confidence

After putting out Beneficence's critically acclaimed "Sidewalk Science" album earlier this year, Ill Adrenaline Records is back to hit the hip-hop world with another throwback-sounding and classic release.

Rashad & Confidence, two longtime students of the game, finally drop their long-awaited debut album "The Element of Surprise" on vinyl. This up-and-coming MC/producer duo, hailing from Brooklyn and Philly, merged to create a record with a timeless sound reminiscent of hip-hop's golden era but with a fresh, updated feel. With no guest appearances or other producers involved, Rashad & Confidence embody the sound real hip-hop heads yearn to hear, going back to the times of Gang Starr and Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth.

The soulful hitting and sample-based boom bap beats courtesy of Confidence capture the pure essence of classic hip-hop production while Rashad's deep and conscious lyrics slice through each track with topics ranging from various life issues to relationships or just raw lyrical display. (source)

When the CD album got released in November 2011 the heads promptly asked to a proper vinyl release and the label followed the voice of the crowed. In a limited edition of 500 copies the album will be released on the 26th of April. Pre-orders are live from the 22nd of April. The label store offers 100 gold colored copies additional to the 400 ones on standard black wax.

A1: Introduction
A2: Brand New
A3: The City
A4: Understand
A5: Rumors Of War
A6: Days Of MyYouth
A7: Interlude
A8: Pen On Display
B1: Shining
B2: Pass Me By
B3: Interlude
B4: They Keep Asking Me
B5: Let Me Explain
B6: All Year Round
B7: The Break Up Song

My special thanks goes out to Rashad, Confidence and Benny aka "abrotherwithsoul". All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

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