Freitag, 13. April 2012

Donuts: ft. Dan-E-O

Exclusive 12" release on Donuts Record Japan. Toronto MCee Dan-E-O presents: Dear Hip-Hop (Return To Sender). The vinyl contains 4 versions of the track which has been available on CDr since 2000 but finally got the vinyl treatment.

A1: Original Version w/ Intro
A2: A Cappella
B1: Original Version
B2: Instrumental

Sound Check

I have to excuse! I was very slow on this so it's already sold out. 200 copies pressed. Add this to your discogs wantlist and click "Buy Now" as soon as it pops up. I pledge amendment!

My special thanks goes out to Donuts Record and Dan-E-O. All copyrights reserved posted for promotion use only.


  1. Not really a comment more of a heads up, not sure of any other way to send you a message. I don't use facebook or anything of the sort. But that MF911 EP is for sale at dopefolks. <-just noticed it today, sure I'm not the only one that's been waiting for that.

  2. correct ... available on dope folks, discogs, vinylism and many other stores ... expect to get my copy from the label directly ... true Marc???

    thanks for the heads up ... more helpful for others on the correct threat but anyway THANKS AGAIN!!!

  3. we finally expect this in stock next week....some copies left!


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