Dienstag, 27. März 2012

GoodFelons: GF-7002 ft. Roc Marciano

Damn, feels like we have Record Store Day today. First I've noticed that the previously presented AllNighter EP is available at Six2Six than I had to pre-order the next GoodFelons release. And all that at the end of the month, damn.

GoodFelons offers a limited edition 45 from Roc Marciano featuring one of the last recorded performances of Dino Brave from "The UN". 

A: Do The Honors (Vocal)
B: Do The Honors (Inutrimental)
Produced by Don Chalant (Arch Druids)

This 7" is limited to 350 copies worldwide, 110 on green vinyl and 240 on black vinyl, and will not be repressed. Comes in a paper sleeve and ships the first week of May (download code available at the same time. Pre-order here.

My special thanks goes out to GoodFelons Records and Roc Marciano. All copyrights reserved posted for promotion use only.


  1. yo Thor... I keep waiting for the Black Pegasus Records release of Steady Serv - you know the time ep. Do you have any word on that, when it will finally be released? I have tried to contact them but they never respond. Thanks!!

  2. yo doc, the records ready to order at the black pegasus big cartel store. As far as I know the test pressing was already approved ...

    the exclusive sales for Europe went to www.vinylism.de ... the shipping date was expected for 23rd of March

  3. thanks. I keep checking the black pegasus bigcartel store and it still says pre-orders. And since they wont respond back to my inquiries I am hesitant to place they order. Have you ordered from them before? Any track record you have with them?

  4. of course, Marc - the label owner - is a good dude and I can vouch for him !!!

    don't know where you're from but if you want further infos contact "info (at) vinylism dot de" - cause vinylism has the exclusive sales for EU ... he can tell you if the record is now available

  5. will do thst. Thanks for this and all you do here on the blog. Keep it up as it is much appreciated!!

  6. To Doc, I am waiting on the pressing plant!! Things are moving at a slow rate because of so many orders from various labels. Vinyl is doing exceptionally well nowadays so more companies are placing orders. Realistically speaking the Stedy Serv joynt won't be shipped until about 3 more weeks. I have orders for Japan as well as Europe to be shipped out. Everyone that pre-ordered from me directly will be receiving there copies as soon as they are ready!! If you don 't feel comfortable ordering directly from me then you can order from Vinylisim in Germany.

    Also, feel free to email me @ asrxpro2001@yahoo.com or phone me at (01)773-372-9758.

    I hope this clears things up a bit!!



  7. thanks Marc .. best custom service ... as always

    >>> and next time we all use the correct release to discuss so more readers feel the pleasure to be informed at its best !! ;)

  8. Thanks Marc I appreciate that. Looking forward to hearing it!

    And Thor. I didn't want to bring the Steady Serv release up on a different release comment section but didn't know if you would see it under an older post comment section.... but ya I feel ya and I appreciate you man!!


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