Freitag, 2. März 2012

Gentleman's Relief: GRR-005 ft. Low Budget

Australia's "Low Budget" with their next release so it's time to introduce the bunch of dope LPs to the Stitch By Stitch audience ... well we're already late ... but it's never too late !!!

Low Budget - Magnasound 2LP (2006)
2LP limited to 250 copies / Cat-No GRR-001

A1: BrandNewSound
A2: Speak To Your Mind
A3: Double The Bucks
A4: Keep Up
A5: Handle Ours

B1: Stay Up Late
B2: State To State
B3: To The Top
B4: One In The Pram
B5: Loose Change

C1: Gotta Act
C2: Get Back
C3: Outro
C4: Double The Bucks (Remix)

D1: Speak To Your Mind (Instrumental)
D2: Double The Bucks (Instrumental)
D3: State To State (Instrumental)
D4: Gotta Act (Instrumental)
D5: Outro (Instrumental)
D6: Low Budget Scratches & Samples

Low Budget - Laserdisk 2LP (2009)
2LP limited to 250 copies / Cat-No GRR-003

A1: Freak Mystique
A2: Sharp Minds
A3: Cool Out
A4: Tailor Made
A5: Knockout Performance

B1: Black Tie Affair
B2: 2082
B3: Low Demand
B4: Saturday Night
B5: Megabucks

C1: Roll The Dice
C2: Don't Sweat The Style
C4: Tailor Made Remix
D4: Debonair P's Megamix

Low Budget - Poolside EP (2012)
2LP limited to 250 copies, blue colored vinyl available
Tape limited to 50 copies for the cassette nerds

A1: Black Tie Affair (Jacuzzi Mix)
A2: Poolside
A3: Keep Up (Diving Board Mix)
A4: Hard Act To Follow (Chlorine Mix)
A5: Dead End Street
B1: Soaking Wet
B2: Cool Out (Coconut Oil Mix)
B3: Slick Back
B4: Hit The Key (Waterslide Mix)
B5: Hard Act To Follow

Physical copies available at:
Digital downloads available at:

My special thanks goes out to Debonair P and Low Budget. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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