Sonntag, 11. März 2012

Dope Folks: DF-0015 ft. Danger Zone Mobb Squad

Next on Dope Folks Records is some dope hip-hop from Philly. Under the name "Danger Zone Mobb Sqwad" we'll get Tone Love and DJ Too Tuff from the world famous Tuff Crew.

Both tracks were originally released in 1991/1992 on Sure Shot Records and get now an official re-release on vinyl. Rumours say that only 5 copies of the original 12" exist plus a good couple of cassette tapes. Announced for April 2012 we can expect pre-orders very soon.

A1: Flip'n Keeloz (Straight YaYo Mix)
A2: T.L. Back To Yell (Strong Mix)
B1: Flip'n Keeloz (Montana Mix)
B2: T.L. Back To Yell (Come Back Mix)

Pre-Order now:

In tradition of the label the release will be limited to 300 copies and available for 20$ a pop. My special thanks goes out to DF and the Tuff Crew. All copyrights reserved to the involved parties, posted for promotion use only.

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