Montag, 19. März 2012

Diggers With Gratitude: DWG-013 ft. Latee

It's a beautiful Monday when Diggers With Gratitude announces an EP with lost tracks of Latee. The name: "Who Rips The Sound?" features f.e. an alternative version of the famous "Brainstorm" and is something for all diggers of the late 80s early 90s hip-hop.

A couple of years ago a demo cassette of Latee tracks got sold on ebay. Since then a lot of people were asking for the ultimate Latee release. Here it is, limited to 100 red and 175 black vinyl copies and dope as hell!

A: Intro
A: Who Rips The Sound
A: Interlude #1
A: Not My Style
A: Interlude #2

B: Interlude #3
B: Brainstorm (Original Version)
B: Interlude #4
B: Hardtimes
B: Outro

Pre-Order now:

My special thanks goes out to Latee and the famous crew at Diggers With Gratitude. All copyrights reserved posted for promotion use only.


  1. Guess the boys at DWG don't watch what others are charging for limiteds now? After shipping you're looking at 60USD for latee? Latee ain't Lord Finesse, why charge Lord Finesse money?

  2. maybe I am a nerd but I saw no other claiming the price ... to get those tracks on vinyl I would pay even more to be honest and can't wait to get the red wax ... I am nothing but thankful that those guys made it happen ...

    PS: all praises are welcome but they are more welcome with a name behind, or even an AKA

  3. Thanks Thor. I bought my copy yesterday. The conversion to US dollars makes it a bit pricier than a US release but I know the music will be worth it too!!! I would have slept on this if you didn't put it up on your blog. Big props man!!!

  4. 30 quid's too much for me so i'm passing this one by. i'm not really a record nerd anymore, was in the mid eighties but my money's worth more to me now than it was then. if that make any sense at all.


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