Montag, 12. Dezember 2011

Holy Grails: "Madd" Versatile Records

Last autumn was something like the "rebirth" of producer Jay Funk from Baltimore. At first I got my hands on all releases of Norm Skola before my friends at Six 2 Six Records dropped the dead stock of S.C.U. for a handfull of $$$.

Not enough a few weeks after the S.C.U. another dead stock of 3 releases got distributed by Six 2 Six.

1. Syco - Madd Syco bw. Marked For Death ('94)
2. Madd Syco - Splittin' Wigz EP ('95)
3. Mr. Ruckuz - The Verdict EP ('98)

All records were produced by Jay Funk between 1994 and 1998 and are hard to find nowadays. Every track list is available over discogs so please check it out directly there. It saves a bit space for some snippets you might prefer ;)

My special thanks goes out to Six 2 Six Records and Jay Funk for sharing the signed copies. All copyrights reserved, posted for promo only.

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