Montag, 12. Dezember 2011

Holy Grails: FTR-881 ft. Phase And Rhythm

Well, you already know that I am posting records from time 2 time under the column "Holy Grails". But I don't want to get missunderstand: this is no poser shit, it is just a homage to records I really feel and where I spent a lot of time to get this for a reasonable price. Of course "reasonable" is a subjective definition ...

Anyway "Phase And Rhythm - Hyperactive bw Brainfood" has been posted on several blogs and forums nearly a thousand times and the reason is simple and easy: this record has probably the dopest beats Mister PAUL C ever mixed. The insanity varifiably started back in 2006 when the record got sold for more than 1.000 $ to a collector (check popsike history). Until today the record goes for crazy prices, the last but sealed copy sold for 700 $ in August 2011.

While the style of hip-hop is still a matter of taste this record is somethin' for every 80s and 90s hip-hop fan. Although "Phase And Rhythm" released another record on Tommy Boy Records but this is the one everybody is talking about.

A: Hyperactive (Vocal)
A: Hyperactive (Dub)
A: Hyperactive (Hype-apella)

B: Brainfood (Vocal)

B: Brainfood (Dub)

Year: 1988
Producer: D. Rosser, J. Jasmin, K. Jarvis
Mixed By: Paul C

My special thanks goes out to Phase, Rhythm and Paul C. All copyrights reserved, posted for promo only.

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